my favourite pastime is to gather together some friends for a fun activity. after such an event it's not uncommon that the guests will express gratitude for the work of orchestrating it. the gratitude though, is reciprocal because the presence of the guests is what creates the good atmosphere. in addition to creating physical spaces for people to come together, i enjoy creating digital spaces for people to come together. you're in one right now! ^‿^

one of my personal heros is the ingenious yankee game designer milton bradley. as a fellow nutmegger and part-time springfielder from a working-class family his legacy serves as an example to me of what gumption and elbow grease can achieve. in bradley's day lithography was the most effective mechanism of sharing a game with as many enthusiasts as possible, today mobile apps serve a similar purpose. the first mobile game i created is a chess variant called tschess. you can find it in the app store

superficial characteristics of most people are generally similar, it's not until you get to know someone that you can discover the really compelling attributes of that person. "go deep"-ism is my word for this phenomenon. as with people so with subjects. the trick is to choose the right path to explore. aside from software engineering the subject that i'm most interested in is the history of the united states, the civil war in particular. motivated by the notion that the farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see